Reviews for "~'{Fire Aura}'~"


This is really awesome..beautiful flow.

I gotta say I'm reminded of Domo Arigato Mr Robot. From seconds 22-42ish lol...It's pretty sweet :P

That just may be me, but amazing job!

Kid2Will responds:

I'm not gonna lie i think it does to , when i first made it, i wondered when would someone say something about that.

This is my favorite of the Aura pieces

I just love this piece in particular. You did a phenomenal job on this one. Keep up the great work. It's pieces like this that really got me using FL studio after i got it for class. We had our homework and i was like "Ok now let's do more"

Kid2Will responds:

I wish my school had a music class like that. =P

love the bass

loooooove the bass in this song!!!

Hmm this makes me likee techno even more!

Like you say I don't really hear the "Mr. Roboto" thing. The only thing it reminds me of is DJ EnCoRe. Ever heard of him?

Honestly best song ever 5⋆s