Reviews for "~'{Fire Aura}'~"

I just can't write how much I like this song!
9001 stars!

I wish I could give 9001 stars for this. It stunned me when I saw the date this song was published. Used to listen to the 10 hour version of this back in the day... still not bored of it.

This does not only have phenomenal, astonishing sound design. The songwriting was more than incredible. Especially the ending part melody. I look forward to remixing this someday if I ever become a better producer.


Nostalgia... =') <3

Very impressive

A very impressive style you have here just by the amount of popularity this tune brings on shows how epic it truly is and you have presented some high quality sounds here and it really does drive it self I wouldn't mind this even being a little longer but it's pretty solid as it is now but anyways nice job here I really liked this

Could be somewhat longer but then again what you have now is pretty amazing


It's not bad for 2007. I mean, back then, it was probably really good, however by today's standards, better could be done. You did a good job with Waterflame being a major part of the competition back then. However, I think that the snare should have been a little louder. I spent about four minutes listening to the beginning trying to figure out whether or not it was a snare or a clap. Overall, not too bad.