Reviews for "~'{Fire Aura}'~"

this song is tight

i like the pace u set for the song, awesome progression, anyway sick stuff, keep up these aura songs u do a good job matching the title to the sound or which ever way it is u do this


Kid2Will responds:

Yeah gotta love the 180 bmp.

very nice

Inform me of yourother songs too!!! i'd love to hear more from ya this was really quite good

Kid2Will responds:

Will do.


yeah thanks for leting me know about this one its getting my top score omg its awesome yeah let me know of your future posts i would definatly love to hear more a favorite...omg

Kid2Will responds:

Hey np.


Everything you do changes your future. This song just change my future Thanks


Kid2Will responds:

Glad I could help.

well, i found this amusing

i haven't started viewing your mini series yet but since im here to give support, i wish that you make this series a more popular one. Unfortunately out of many other good song (lets say 10,000 approx) the chances of someone ever finding these songs ever again are slim (about 0.10%) if you can amuse enough members and find ways to advertise this to the public, you can be our next new portal champ. No idea who current leader is now but it doesn't matter. The only problem is that some of your songs are the same and don't vary between sounds. Almost all the sounds are 100% on tact. Hope to see more, champ

D: [Solo Review Team] :D


Kid2Will responds:

Advertising it seems is an important aspect