Reviews for "~'{Fire Aura}'~"


Honestly man all i have been listening to is this song and redaing Marvel Civil War man...the song is great and I'm able to listen to it often...for me that's hard to find in a song

Kid2Will responds:

Yeah its one of my songs that "I" can actully listen to numerous times in a row.

Very Nice!

dude thats really cool,i like it =D
nice playing with the sounds there.

Kid2Will responds:

Thanks dude, glad you like it.

I like

I really like this :) Make more please!
10/10 :)

Kid2Will responds:

I plan on it.

i like

make more...PLEASE

Kid2Will responds:

In Progress XD

this song is tight

i like the pace u set for the song, awesome progression, anyway sick stuff, keep up these aura songs u do a good job matching the title to the sound or which ever way it is u do this


Kid2Will responds:

Yeah gotta love the 180 bmp.