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Reviews for "Lure"

Lapse doesn't miss

Lapse responds:

You can't hit for everyone. <3

am I aloud to use this in my game?

Lapse responds:

If you want? Non-commercially. With attribution. Blahblahblah. Music is hard to do.



how do you do the cool background thing in the cover art?
as for the song, I love the vibes it gives off, and the sound design is amazing
how do they do it

Lapse responds:

Background art was made with a "pixel sorting" code set that runs with: https://processing.org/
I've used it in a lot my imagery in different forms. Kinda reminds me of glow worms.
I've been making music for quite a while now. I couldn't precisely tell you where it comes from... I just do it, hah.
Glad you like it all, man! Thanks for listening <3.