Reviews for "-A Nightmare Before Christmas-"

Good music.

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, it's a great film, and this is a fantastic tune.

I really like how this sounds!

This is my fav because it just keeps the feel of the song and the theme of the whole nightmare thing ^_^ ."



One of the best remakes of the nightmare before christmas's music. I loved the quirky sound.


Someone does this song in a NON-COPYING THE SONG EXACTLY TO THE ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTATION WAY! ERRR those people anger me...WHY DON'T YOU JUST POST THE ORIGIANL SONG FOR GODS SAKES! Ok off track here! Liked how kept the Christmasy and Elfman feel, hard to do! :) Kinda something you would hear if you were playing a NBC online game XD Nice work! Oh and the ending :D Made me happy! :P


very good