Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"

So ture

Man jesus is so lame But what i'm worried with is that satan'll like me and liking satan means hurting each other.
If there is a jesus and if there is I'd like to haggle my way into heaven and kick his ass.
I believe if there is any god that heaven is hell cos its Ironic punishment and whats hell fun and dandy unless you hate satan!!!!!

ahhh bible bashers!

This series just keeps getting better and better , dude. The camera trick at the beginning where it zooms in on the lil' guy was really impressive. The street preachers' death was well-deserved, he can take his self righteous BS up his ass while roasting in hell. BOOO WAH HA HA HA HA. Oh yeah, that song rocked, but you should've used "jesus saves" by slayer instead, it would've fit everything better. Cuz slayer rules. \m/

Yeah!! That was so cool!!

Finally someone showed those "would you like to convert to a new religion?" A great flash!!

Great Series...



fuck yeah!

that shit was hilarious .. i laughed til i cried and then laughed some more with the knife throwing and the death,, lmfao..rock on!