Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"

holy FUCK dude.

i think you could take some prozac, cause that scared the shit outta me. your graphics and all are awesome and i give you a 5, but i mean, THAT WAS WORRYING. the way his toungue splits in half & everything... your a genius, but your an eeeeevil genius.
keep em comin'!


This was really good, but you shuld have had Jesus come and save the one guy, and then the Spawn of Satan has a fight with Jesus.

funny as hell

keep um comin dude i cant wait till the next one


what can i say.. that was ausum, how come i havent heard of you before? this stuff blowes things like "the final task" into subbmission..


This was the best part of SOS.
Keep up the goodwork :D