Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"


I dunno what's wrong with me today, but I dint really find this series funny.. maybe it's because they're too short, I dunno.. but right now as far as I'm concerned they suck.


Love it all. Great animation, great character, f'kin cool music, most humorous... KEEP 'EM COMIN!!


Your moves are way to unrealistic (but that may be the point) and are way to violent (wich also may be the point), my opinion: They SUCK!!!


This is probably the 2nd best out of the series, very good animation keeps the score at a 10, hope the next one is as good as this


I'm not religous or anything, so the premise of your cartoon does not bother me. However I find that your cartoons are a bit on the pointless side. This does'nt detract from your score at all or anything, it's just that I found myself watching them more for the animation more then the action. With that said, your animation is absolutly AMAZING. Some of the best and brightest on here.