Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"

only because i'm catholic

The crucifixion of that "cunt" was some pretty good flash man. Only I didn't like it because it was how Christ died. But hey it is only a cartoon, so whatever. Decent job.


yeah the best in this little onslaught now if i could do flash this is what i would do ha ha ha the whole firey hell scene was just awsome

nice little series

this is probally the best in the deries, i would like to see longer episodes though. keep up the guud work.


why did you kill that chinese man?(or what ever he was)but on a good note the camara andgal switch was good:P.<=:(> <-----it's satan!


This was the best of the series so far, i really liked the animation at the begging when the viewpoint changed around.... make them more like this one, more evileness and fire and blood... also, its not possible to hold someone up on a cross through their hands.... go for the wrists, kills em better anyways =P good movies, a little longer would be great.