Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"


Man this is one of the best videos ive seen in a long time... I wish i could give you more than a 10 for violence it was awesome!!! This is for sure the best one! keep 'em coming man!

This was the best one.

They are all great movies.Man u can really draw.
I hope u bring more of these out.

Violence Rulz!

IGnor the revew before me he was probs an r.e teacher or something! THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS LIFE IS VOILENCE MAN! THIS MOVIE REALLY TOUCHED MY HEART! With a movie with satan as the main character, yo should expect voilence dont listen to these "goody two shoes" muther fuckers! this movie kicks ass!

i can see why he was fired.

too god damn violent, i say.

violence = shit.
humor = yay!

the whole movie series is pure bullshit and i will vote 1. why not zero? because you obviously used a lot of time in these movies and you are a great animator so ill give you mercy because of that.


You do realize the guy who made this is a ex-disney animator