Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"


Spawn of Satan Rules !! I will personally hunt down any bastard who disses this series !!


that was some funny ass shit man. i hate it when those people come to my door and try and preach to me. i believe in god and everything, but damn, these fools are like a cult. i almost beat up one of these guys because i didnt answer the door when he first rang, so he came in my backyard and tried to come in through the back! can you beleive that?

anyways great job. make more.


Its people like that, that ruin religion, he got what he deserved. Excellent job, once again.

It was good

fucking hillarious again man. I loved the car crash that was funny as hell. You need to make more of me... I mean Spawn Of Satan Movies. They kick ass

that was well wicked!

I love your sos series,man, keep on keepin on.