Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"

Saved the best for last.

This one seemed to have a lot more detail in it than the others. As usual, the graphics and sounds were fantastic.

It's about time the 'Spawn of Satan' came face to face with his total opposite, a super-religious guy.
Nice work.

this is a bit unrelated to the movie, but I find it strange that with all of your movies you don't put anything for the authors comments. Not that you have to, but it's a good way to tell what's going on in the movie, or to pimp your web site.

Fuc*ing awesome.

Spawn of satan rulez. Theres not much to say. Everything has been writen all ready in the reviews. I just want to raview this cool episode.


movie was short nad blood was good


You only got 4 because it had good graphics, they rest sucks and isn't funny 1 bit

hellborn, hell-bent, HELL YEAH!!!

Noice work! i love it, and peter-g shares my state of mind. people who dont like this movie are uptight queers and shouldnt even be on this site at all. noice animation and sound effect, music great, all of your work great. do make more damnit.