Reviews for "Spawn of Satan 4"

Yeah!! That was so cool!!

Finally someone showed those "would you like to convert to a new religion?" A great flash!!


that was great. nice animation,sound lol i loved it


Great animation, great sound, poor excuse for anti-Christian imagery...It's not Jesus' fault you got shoved into some private school for the bulk of your young, nubile existence, and got ass-raped by hungry priests....Take it out on somebody else...Like Jerry Falwell...


great animation and all but these films are fuckin pointless excuses for childish imagry. wow you killed someone. do you think that you deserve a 10for this pointless garbage?? theres no creativity involved at all. but like i said great drawings and animation so you get some points there


once again, its me reveiwing your sos and once again IT KICKED ASS make another one man cuz those rule