Reviews for "Piano Cascade"


Your style is absent yet there. I do see a battle in your song, even one from a video game, but it wasn't an exact wow if you understand. You still did very nicely for a first composition attempts. This was well thought out I can see that, but you need more of a feel to it... I really didn't see a big battle before myself. With time you will become better. Improve and try and wow not only me, but others as well.

Really good.

The only real criticism I have is the loop. Most video game songs need a seamless loop, and yours was fairly noticeable. Other than that, though, great song. Musically, amazing, and well composed.


Its great and all but it dosent really feel like it should be the best of all time... i thinks theres better stuff out there but thats jsut my opinion, the music just seemed really shallow' :\ 7/10

SasquaMox responds:

The "Best Tracks Ever" list changes completely every week. It's not like the Flash list, which stays about the same unless something amazing comes along. And believe me, I do recognize that this is nowhere near any of the greatest songs on the site. This list is more or less just another featured section for songs others have been listening to. :)


dude good music
and i agree, a game with this music would be cool


Cool tune. But im not really that jazzed.