Reviews for "Piano Cascade"

Very well done.

Awesome job! I always love hearing music like this.

SasquaMox responds:

Wow! I've always loved this song, but I guess I completely underestimated what others would think of it. I kept trying to find better soundfonts, but it just never was the same. I'm glad I stuck with the original. :)


Nice, especially for a first composition!

Great nice sound and great compostion for a first

The sounds it gives almost starts to in spire you when you here them. When i heard this song i felt that i could go and try things i haven't before and it made me wonder who i really was inside. This song is truly a masterpiece in my eyes and i hope others see it the way i do. I would put this on my top ten song list for sure. :)

as Rekem said

yes it reminds me of final fantasy battles and all of that nice work


love it^-^