Reviews for "Piano Cascade"


I was looking for some music for a vid i was making an this was perfect, thanks!!!

Well Done

Reminds me a Final Fantasy Boss fight or One of the newer battlecut scenes for FFx and higher. Good work all around


I was planning on just browsing around to take a song or two on my psp... I logged in just to tell you that this is awesomeness. I like this at an exponential rate XD ...if that makes any sense... It reminds me a lot of Kingdom Hearts type music in many places adding to its 1337ness... Wow... hope you dont mind but im gonna take this one with me where i go now as well... Awesome work ! keep it up and make more :D


What an amazing tune! You should be making movie soundtracks. Really great!

This would be awesome with a full ensemble!

Even if it's MIDI-ish, it's a phenomenal piece! If you used better MIDI, it'll blow my socks away.

Incredible is the word to describe this. Great work! 5 and 10!