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Reviews for "Galaxy knag"

Now one thing I notice even before starting the music is that it’s quite short, only 80 seconds long. The problem with that is that the player would be hearing this music quite a lot, and a track that’s only 80 seconds long could get tiresome fairly easily. Your choice to make it ambient based does alleviate the problem though, as it will likely blend into the background.

Now starting the track and boy, does this got atmosphere in spades. Defo makes me think of wipeout. Very nice futuristic sounding FX to kick the track off, accompanied by some nice pads.

The drums sound ok. I see that you went for a lo-fi feel with a muffled amen break. It does actually fit quite well with the rest of the track, though the snare may be just a tad too aggressive when compared to other elements. I believe you are using a loop of some sorts; you could easily add even more variation with some fairly simple splicing work and doing some breakbeat-ish drum loops. Hi-Hats could also benefit from some additional patterns.

I also notice that there’s next to no bass being used? I think the track would greatly benefit from a fairly simple sine sub bass that ran along with the drums. Doing that would still keep to the atmospheric feeling while also giving the track some low end.

The pads and background FX are very good (if you read my other reviews, you’ll find me ranting about pads quite a bit heh). The low-passed nature of everything makes it sound like the music’s coming from another room, or outside a… hangar. (Actually, now that I think of it those sweeping FX sound like AG race craft)

Some sort of other synths (or other melodic instruments) going on in addition wouldn’t hurt, though there is the problem of finding a balance of atmospheric and melodic components in atmospheric tracks. Maybe something plucky with long release/reverb? For now, the composition does lend itself to a repetitive pattern.

Still, in conclusion, a very solid tune. I just wish it were longer.