Reviews for "Dad-Bot"

Ironman + Dad

Just, Goddamn Man. What a cool Idea.

Thanks for the contribution to Pico day.

P.S. The Chainsaw Arm suggested in previous reviews should just be an attachment because Dad can seriously kick some ass with his fists alone, not to mention Giant ass Laser beams from his palms.

P.S.S. Why do I see him as a Boss in Unreal Tournament.

Now that's cool.I am a big fan of DAD and stuff,and y'know,if you like to make games i think this would be a great idea:Dad-bot.V.P-bot.I hope you like this idea and if you do decide to make it art or a game,please tell me it would be great!

nice one pal!, this one is looking shit hot! keep it up jazza mate!

its like a different concept art work of ban from the old comic books

love this jazza