Reviews for "Dad-Bot"

Holy Crap! O____O

wow, dude, this piece of artwork is really amazing, i like how you emphasized the detail of the bodywork with the shadow effect as well as the tone of both color and lighting in the glowy bits, overall fantastic job. since you made him more demeaning, you should've added a chaotic-like background for this since, imo, he's the depiction of War Machine as he's much more bulkier than Iron man ^^ look forward to more of your amazing work :D

Jazza responds:

thanks man! :D nice idea


This is really well-drawn. The only thing I see wrong with it is that the green wires look a bit off. I think it is because they aren't shaded.

But other than that, awesome!

What future robotics should look like.

Oooohhhh pretty.

One thing about the shadow. The shadow coming off his head is aiming toward the light coming from the left shoulder. With the left arm leaning toward the right I believe that bulb should dilute the shadow or erase it.

Unless I'm getting something wrong of course.

Also I think he must be powered off kickass.

I wish my dad were like that.

Pretty MLG lighting and shading...how long did it take you to do this?