Reviews for "Dad-Bot"

The Master Rater

My God...It's so scary I'm gonna have nightmares. It's bad enough that he's a homicidal maniac when he's a human, nevermind when he's a robot with titanium skin and zero percent chance of having bullets penetrate him. This isn't something to dock points over, but it's kinda upsetting that he doesn't have some sort of super high-tech chainsaw. Maybe one that has lasers in between the blades of the chainsaw, so it cuts through anything like butter, and burns it while it's at it. That'd be ownage. And one last question I"m going to ask as my final words, is this an homage to the new Iron Man 2 Movie? Because the style has quite a few similarities.


It's sort of like what happen if P-bot failed... they bring DAD bot


Robots can't be fathers :P

Jazza responds:

yes they can if they build their son!


i was thinkin his name was Iron Dad b4 i saw the name of this art. Nice!....


killing machine