Reviews for "Dad-Bot"


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Ironman + Dad

Just, Goddamn Man. What a cool Idea.

Thanks for the contribution to Pico day.

P.S. The Chainsaw Arm suggested in previous reviews should just be an attachment because Dad can seriously kick some ass with his fists alone, not to mention Giant ass Laser beams from his palms.

P.S.S. Why do I see him as a Boss in Unreal Tournament.


Dad As a bot. How cool.

holy shithat

dude thats fuckin awesome great example of a artistic mind at work

I love the hard work, and excellence

The artistic rating would be off the chart to some people.Dont take me wrong but I love the hard work this person added.Also how it just looks fantastic.It's even scary when he's human.... but when a robot manaic!!I gave a 9 beacuse yes I would added a chainsaw arm.I love its excellence I gave it 5/5, 9 and a half/10