Rah-key III

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You've waited and waited, and now it's here! The long-awaited sequel to Rah-key I and II, Rah-key III! Prepare yourself for drama, as the protagonist's recently married wife decides to cheat on him. He finds out, and proceeds to take matters into his own hands...ZOMBO STYLE!

Approx. running time: 154 min.

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v. funny. I voted fifen.


That was awesome, funny, gave me a laugh there. I liked it, keep it up. *dances*

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Biggskoo responds:

Message from Juggalojjb:
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It's funny how you switch up like that, as if you're trying to infer something. Well, if you think I'm one of those "posers" you speak of, ask around. You'll find I hold a great deal of power within the Clock Crew.

Aside from that, yeah, you have the right to write as many reviews and make as many empty threats as you please. I'm not gonna deny that. As a matter of fact, please, write your last review for my available submissions you haven't expended yet.


I insist. But please, if you're going to write another review, use some grammar and improve your spelling. I may be younger than you (hardly), but apparently my intelligence spans eons beyond yours.

Heh, and I'm the pathetic one? Next to the guy who admits he has no life and makes empty threats?


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Biggskoo responds:

Your b0x0rz have been r0x0red.

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3.17 / 5.00

May 21, 2003
12:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody