(old vers)Dead Rain 4

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Here is part 4.Make sure you have seen parts 1-3 before viewing this one!
Also make sure you have a fast computer or it will lag like a bitch, and the voices will be off sync.

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

Also when it fades to black, its not over, some people have made that mistake! wait till the credits popup.

ps: mentioned this before but will set it in stone here.For the intro only, some of the artwork is traced from real dead people photos, taken from rotten & ogrish to give it a disturbing feel.

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This is great just like the others. I liked how this incorporated the loading screen of the previous three entries, and how this involves what I presume are the creators of the B.M. Virus. Five minor nitpicks though. First, why is the loading screen/prologue zombie already "zombified" looking prior to reanimation and if the corpse in question was a victim of a zombie attack, why didn't it rise prior to the dead rain falling on it? Was it already in the process of infection and the rain simply provided it with an extra dose to hasten the transformation even faster? Second, after thinking about it, the B.M. Virus actually shouldn't be continually be falling into the city through the rain after several rainfalls. Unless the virus is able go replicate itself from the materials of the atmosphere processor unit and store itself somewhere in the machine, several rainfalls should've diluted it to the point of either not being inside the machine or be inside it in very small amount. Third, how is Tagpetor's body relatively intact enough for it to be reanimated as a zombie? The ship he was in crashed and exploded, causing significant damage to the spaceport it crashed into, thus his body should be in pieces rather than just be in one piece. Fourth, Tagpetor should be as unintelligent as the other zombies, thus he shouldn't be able to speak speak, remember Riggs, and hold a grudge against him. Unless the B.M. Virus actually slowly regenerates the mental faculties over times, thus providing a plausible reason for Tagpetor's intelligence (but also means that most, if not all, zombies would eventually regain intelligence if they survive long enough), this really doesn't make sense. Fifth, why aren't any animal zombies in this? Unless the B.M. Virus is only compatible with humans or that all/most of the people in the city doesn't own any pets, there should be animal zombies like there are in Resident Evil and plenty of other zombie fiction. They would've made the threat of the zombie apocalypse even more menacing and dangerous to be in. Asides from these nitpicks, I have to say that you've done very well on this entry and the series and am going to see the last episode (so far at least). Nice job!

Wow, this was really amazing! It is easily the best in the entire series. What makes it so great is that you really keep putting more plot and story into it. There has never been an entry with so much dialogue. We're getting a lot more story now. The animation is as good as ever.

It's great to see all those zombie designs again. It's even nice to see the outside of the city. It all makes more sense now. It's also great to see the other guy back, even if its only at the end. It's the most unique entry.

Where all started...... where you did start your epic story making games with awesome temas....

he was but why sas soldiers were gonna kill him

@goldnpurgury I think riggs is immune

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May 20, 2003
12:03 AM EDT
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