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This is for all my buddies at the www.socomhq.net forums. I hope you guys enjoy this cartoon. I am just a beginner at making flash cartoons, so you may notice some things like sounds not in sync with mouths, and or surroundings. I spent about a whole month making this thing, and I would really appreciate it if you voted and left a review.

And if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything nice.

Also, I would like to point out that the idea for the Canadian Character came from a Canadian. So, don't get angry at me.

Update: I got rid of the fake ending sequence, and got all of the voices and what-not in sync.


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That was pretty funny, i guess. Although Canadians dont say eh that much.. Im Canadian too but all those other reveiws that say "dont make fun of us" are just making canadians look like bitches. I make fun of americans all the time eh?

Whats up with crazy americans and their bottles of milk?
Or their guns?
Or their heavily armed police men?
Or their crime rate?
And so on...

Their, no americans are bitching about that. End of review.

.....Heh heh... fuckin' canadian...

...Yeah I'm canadian....the cop's up here....at least I'm glad we don't have L.A. cop's...I acually talk to the cop's up here....(here's some info on Vancouver cop's for all you american's) they carry a baton that expan's 3 notches... 2 handcuff's (like that really matter's)...1 (loaded) pistol...(don't really bother to know what kind)...2 extra cartridges....and in the car they have a 50,000 volt tazer ( GUARANTEED TO WORK! ) and a Shotgun (forgot what kind...used to know) and there ALL *RCMP* but enough about that...now for the review...good movie....humour has potential I can tell you got lazy with this on animateing(and this is very old)...could be a LOT better....but it's worth watching.....maby killing time...I give... a 3...be happy.......thats a protection 3/5


<Insert review here.>

that was awsome ay?

the sound messed up and when they shot e.t the blood wasent all that good i couldnt have one better but yea othere wise awsome 8.5 id say ay?

Not Bad

The best part was definetly the *RCMP officer*. Yes, ay?

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3.60 / 5.00

May 19, 2003
8:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody