3D Streetlife

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I'd like to start with thanking everybody that played the last streetlife. I have tried to take your reviews and ideas into consideration while making this version of Streetlife.

It has taken ages to make becuase i have only spent about three or four hours a week working on it.
For anyone who gives a cammels ass here is some technobabble....sprites 93, shapes 382, .....ahh stuff it i cant be bothered typing it out, my fingures are hurting too mutch from all this typing, and anyway it took ages to count all those shapes....lol

Oh and by the way, anyone that gives this one of those stupid unintelligent reviews like (Duhh....WAT IS A ..SHIT GAME?....Duhh you ARE!!!) i would like to invite you to create a first person flash shooter to show us all how it's done.

Anyway...there are a couple of secret areas in the game and a scoring system incorperated so stick ya score up with ya review but don't expect a prize...

One more thing... PLEASE DONT USE THE RIGHT CLICK TRICK to pass through the game, coz you will miss areas.


how do u beat the hobo


it was a good game. now i tried to click on the boat 6 times and nothing happened, whats up with that. and is that it after you slide down the cord or im i missing something, if thats it this game needs more. other than that its an ok game.


It was hard to figure out what to do at first, and the intro movie takes way too long. It should have a skip button, but a generally good game with almost no background story. Sure it had a story, but it wasn't displayed in the game. Some dudes were killing you for no reason, yu got a gun out of no where, and stuff like that. Good idea with the birds eye view, though I wish there was more to do then just two buildings. I'm still trying to figure out how to pass, so I'll check back in a tick. Hmm. I can't get passed the bar. It's just a door leading out. I'm gonna keep trying to figure out what to do... Maybe I should go check out that high security place. Now that I know I can kill people by clicking on them, I might be able to take down the guard. Rocketlauncher? What the hell is this for? And the hobo wants money? Right, well now I'm pretty sure I know what to do. Umm. This was a pretty pointless review wasn't it. Nice graphics anyway. I'm still tryin' to figure out 3D, but I'm sure you're all tired of hearing my ramblings, so I'm off to finish the game.

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Phase-01 responds:

Thanks for the reviews....keep coming back, a new version is on its way that will make Quake seem like pacman in comparison....well.... nearly


the damn inocent hobo pulled a gun on me and im not allowed to shoot him

Phase-01 responds:

get the money from the till in the bottle shop and give it to him before he shoots you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its not relly a game if i give all you slow people the answers.

what a pile of crap!

this is shit

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3.08 / 5.00

May 19, 2003
6:46 AM EDT
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