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Note: My old site 'maelstormm.com' is gone. New site is 'legacymaelstormm.com'.
Jan 2009: Wow, games still poking around after like half a decade. Hope the remix version on my site does this good once it's done. To those getting hella pwnt still, Megaman X Next and Roll Next are a fair bit more forgiving as well as more polished (See profile here or my site). To those complaining about getting hella pwnt, I <3 U and see #1 below.

This game is the follow up to the "Megaman Next - Intro" that I uploaded previously (See my profile on the side for it).

HELP!!! -
If you find yourself getting smoked by the baddies in this game or getting lost in the stages. Or you just wanna see the very Last Boss (You'll drool over it) here's the links to my site for full instructions and the strategy guide.



Other Notes -
1) This game is meant to be VERY HARD. If you don't get the hang of it you "WILL" be destroyed. Play against Dramatic Introductionman first, if he whips your butt don't play any farther! Practice and don't rush are the two best things I can recommend aside from the strategy guide.
2) There's one enemy per stage that has a continue in them. If you kill them and make it to the boss, then you earn an extra continue. To those having a hard time in the later stages, make sure you toast the little baddies to get the continues (Up to 10 more in the game total)
3) Your Megabuster hits a MUCH larger area when charged. You can hit alot of air enemies without even jumping once they get near you.
4) I had to scrap alot of stuff in this to squish it down (as is normal for me) In the future I'll upload the full version on my site (see my profile on the side) and a downloadable version in the future.
5) Beings as I'm not making a nickel off of this, I drew the cutscenes quickly while at work and colored with my good friends from crayola. The original design was all text driven, consider them a quicky just to give you a rough idea of what's happening.
6) The gameplay close to normal Megaman, but has some good differences. Things are much tougher and faster than the NES games. This game plays like a platform engine + a twitch shooter engine in one. If you can't react quickly to a bullet flying on the screen you may want to pass on this one because you're as good as gone already.
7) I'm apologizing now for the awkward weapon keys, I was a n00b back when I made this fella.
8) No password in this. The games to short by my standards.
9) To try and weed out anymore peeps from leaving stupid reviews. Take my advice, if you don't leave honest/clean/complete criticism then I'm going to make fun of you. This includes telling me things that I've already told you or are common sense (One shmuck told me I used a song from Kingdom Hearts, it's like DUH! and another says my games not totally 8bit sprites, another DUH!) Also don't use to much internet slang/abbreviations because I won't know what the hell you're talking about and may make fun of you for it. Don't leave incomplete statements either! I'll make fun of you for being stupid since I won't call a psychic hotline to figure out what the hell you were saying.


Wade / Maelstormm



this.....this was the best game i've ever played. i did have a little trouble starting out but when i got the hang of it i started kicking ass.

maelstormm responds:

Thanks, glad you liked

Rubberhead is a douchebag

hey rubberhead youre a fucking moron who actually took the time to type all of that shit. id love to see you create something better than that and i will laugh at the swill that you will put forth."So listen to yer mommy, quit skool and NEVER PLAY THIS GAYME"

i like how you type words like "skool" its something fucking little kids do to make them think that they are accepted by their friends. also the "GAYME" that was possibly the biggest fucking gay thing to do.

maelstormm responds:

He is a little kid mentally, despite his profile saying he's 27. But aside from us making fun of him, why'd this get a '5', at least pass me some feedback :(

There goes 2 hours.

2 hours later, I walk away from hard mode finished and thinking, wow, that reminds me of the old days of gaming, where you could sit down and beat games that were still fun in a few hours and feel good about it at the end. Waiting for the code to be put into ILLEGAL mode so I can give that a stab. It was fairly easy and quick to dive into in the early stages, then the wily stages were unholy difficult, just the way I like it. It pushed me to my limit a number of times, and that's the kinda game I love. Hellz yeah, bro.

maelstormm responds:

The code'll be here in a few weeks (hopefully) as well as a suped up version on my site.
Happy it was worth your time.

well crafted

you must have spent ages on this game and i really enjoyed it. the only problems were it took too long too load and it was too hard, i like my games easy for the fact that i completed them. excellent!!!

maelstormm responds:

2 months to make :)
Sorry, nothing can be done about the loading time. And the difficulty is due to my fascination with evil.
Try the guide up top for some help.

Can you beat it?

It took awhile but i beat it on hard mode.The bosses are hard but the stages are pretty easy.The best way to beat this game is to beat Dramatic Introduction man first then you can have a chance of winning.The loader is long a fuck so I played with my chao on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

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maelstormm responds:

Good ol` Chao. I remember my little buddy before the memory card went splut.
Glad you survived this monster :)

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3.87 / 5.00

May 18, 2003
6:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place May 19, 2003