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Megaman Next - The Game

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Author Comments

Note: My old site 'maelstormm.com' is gone. New site is 'legacymaelstormm.com'.
Jan 2009: Wow, games still poking around after like half a decade. Hope the remix version on my site does this good once it's done. To those getting hella pwnt still, Megaman X Next and Roll Next are a fair bit more forgiving as well as more polished (See profile here or my site). To those complaining about getting hella pwnt, I <3 U and see #1 below.

This game is the follow up to the "Megaman Next - Intro" that I uploaded previously (See my profile on the side for it).

HELP!!! -
If you find yourself getting smoked by the baddies in this game or getting lost in the stages. Or you just wanna see the very Last Boss (You'll drool over it) here's the links to my site for full instructions and the strategy guide.



Other Notes -
1) This game is meant to be VERY HARD. If you don't get the hang of it you "WILL" be destroyed. Play against Dramatic Introductionman first, if he whips your butt don't play any farther! Practice and don't rush are the two best things I can recommend aside from the strategy guide.
2) There's one enemy per stage that has a continue in them. If you kill them and make it to the boss, then you earn an extra continue. To those having a hard time in the later stages, make sure you toast the little baddies to get the continues (Up to 10 more in the game total)
3) Your Megabuster hits a MUCH larger area when charged. You can hit alot of air enemies without even jumping once they get near you.
4) I had to scrap alot of stuff in this to squish it down (as is normal for me) In the future I'll upload the full version on my site (see my profile on the side) and a downloadable version in the future.
5) Beings as I'm not making a nickel off of this, I drew the cutscenes quickly while at work and colored with my good friends from crayola. The original design was all text driven, consider them a quicky just to give you a rough idea of what's happening.
6) The gameplay close to normal Megaman, but has some good differences. Things are much tougher and faster than the NES games. This game plays like a platform engine + a twitch shooter engine in one. If you can't react quickly to a bullet flying on the screen you may want to pass on this one because you're as good as gone already.
7) I'm apologizing now for the awkward weapon keys, I was a n00b back when I made this fella.
8) No password in this. The games to short by my standards.
9) To try and weed out anymore peeps from leaving stupid reviews. Take my advice, if you don't leave honest/clean/complete criticism then I'm going to make fun of you. This includes telling me things that I've already told you or are common sense (One shmuck told me I used a song from Kingdom Hearts, it's like DUH! and another says my games not totally 8bit sprites, another DUH!) Also don't use to much internet slang/abbreviations because I won't know what the hell you're talking about and may make fun of you for it. Don't leave incomplete statements either! I'll make fun of you for being stupid since I won't call a psychic hotline to figure out what the hell you were saying.


Wade / Maelstormm


Worth all the time it took to download.

The last reviewer summed it all up pretty well. This was an awesome little ditty to play and waste a bit of time on. Good job.

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maelstormm responds:



Or is it? Definitely a worthy tribute to the beloved little Megaman.

Graphics: The graphics are okay, considering it would have been pretty simple for you to make the "next" graphic 8-bit, but you didn't. Good job with the rest of the pixels though.

Sound: It's got music, sound effects, all in good quality. Nothing bad here.

Gameplay: This is the worse part of the game. Now that doesn't mean it was bad, by any means, but it wasn't on par with graphics or sound. It's not the difficulty either. The game is hard, but that's fine. It's just that the gameplay didn't really feel like Megaman. Enemies in Megaman never came at you at blazing speed. There was no rapid-fire (though I doubt many would complain about this). Those helmet guys were one hit kills. I could go on. I understand this is made to be similar, but different (i.e. harder), but it just doesn't flow well. Megaman is all hyperactive, he slides for as long as you hold the down arrow, charging the Buster is a different key than shoot... and many other little complaints.

I only found one bug so far and that's when a bullet got stuck on Megaman and no matter where I went, it was attached to me and I soon died. This happened at the begining of Punchma's level.

I might suggest teaming up with Andrew, who did Rockman Neo. With his graphics and your love of Megaman and coding skills, you could realy make a cool Megaman game. Of course, you'd still have to improve the gameplay.

Quick suggestions (email me for more elaboration): make charge/fire same button, like
in real Megaman. Enemies should never be in the same "space" as Megaman (x,y coords). Sliding should go a set amount and that's it. Slow down the game's pace about 15%. Some enemies should be one-hit kills. Configurable keys. Streamline all your graphics to the same style. Get someone else to draw your cut scene drawings because the art is just sad. Don't make it a guess where to go next ("will I fall to my doom, who knows!"). Make a charging sound.

I can see you put tons of work into this, but a game is made for fun and this game isonly kinda fun. I commend you on the programming and this ambitious effort.

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maelstormm responds:

Thanks for the comments overall.
Now about the gameplay...
True it doesn't feel exactly like Megaman on Nintendo did, but I consider it a step up. Mega can jump backwards while still facing forward so you can dodge while pelting the baddies. You can slide as short or long as you like to make it easier to dodge or get up and shoot your foes. The later Megaman X games DID use autofire and I think MM8 had the option too. However you couldn't charge when you turned that on. So by making an extra button you can have both. In Megaman games, Mega and the baddies CAN occupy the same space/xy, just you take damage which is the same case here. I did want to do the customizable keys, but the project went on plenty long enough and I decided to finish it off. I didn't like the though of 1 hit enemies. A good portion take 2 hits which is easy to do with the Megabuster charged 1/2 or by using the autofire. Graphics style wise, I ended up feeling like using vector graphics for the baddies shots. The drawlings were whipped together quickly and colored using my friends Crayola while I was at work, but they get the point across. There was only 1 or 2 jumps which were leaps of faith in this, all others gave clues about where to go or you could see the platform if you stood on the end of the one you were on. Charging sounds irritate me so I left them out (Makes me think a fly is after me and makes it so I can't hear the music).
Thanks for the ton of feedback

wooooooooooot that rules

that rules. best game on NG. oo yeah ooo yeah the only problem is the file size and that is not ur fault

maelstormm responds:

Thanks. On a side note, when I do the version for on my site, it'll probably be about 8-9megs though. I can put the songs I edited out back in.


NO ONE DID A COMPLETE MEGAMAN GAME ON NG LIKE THAT :) The other best were the megaman rpg

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maelstormm responds:

Guess I'm the first :)



maelstormm responds:

Thanks much :)

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Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

May 18, 2003
6:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place May 19, 2003