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Note: My old site 'maelstormm.com' is gone. New site is 'legacymaelstormm.com'.
Jan 2009: Wow, games still poking around after like half a decade. Hope the remix version on my site does this good once it's done. To those getting hella pwnt still, Megaman X Next and Roll Next are a fair bit more forgiving as well as more polished (See profile here or my site). To those complaining about getting hella pwnt, I <3 U and see #1 below.

This game is the follow up to the "Megaman Next - Intro" that I uploaded previously (See my profile on the side for it).

HELP!!! -
If you find yourself getting smoked by the baddies in this game or getting lost in the stages. Or you just wanna see the very Last Boss (You'll drool over it) here's the links to my site for full instructions and the strategy guide.



Other Notes -
1) This game is meant to be VERY HARD. If you don't get the hang of it you "WILL" be destroyed. Play against Dramatic Introductionman first, if he whips your butt don't play any farther! Practice and don't rush are the two best things I can recommend aside from the strategy guide.
2) There's one enemy per stage that has a continue in them. If you kill them and make it to the boss, then you earn an extra continue. To those having a hard time in the later stages, make sure you toast the little baddies to get the continues (Up to 10 more in the game total)
3) Your Megabuster hits a MUCH larger area when charged. You can hit alot of air enemies without even jumping once they get near you.
4) I had to scrap alot of stuff in this to squish it down (as is normal for me) In the future I'll upload the full version on my site (see my profile on the side) and a downloadable version in the future.
5) Beings as I'm not making a nickel off of this, I drew the cutscenes quickly while at work and colored with my good friends from crayola. The original design was all text driven, consider them a quicky just to give you a rough idea of what's happening.
6) The gameplay close to normal Megaman, but has some good differences. Things are much tougher and faster than the NES games. This game plays like a platform engine + a twitch shooter engine in one. If you can't react quickly to a bullet flying on the screen you may want to pass on this one because you're as good as gone already.
7) I'm apologizing now for the awkward weapon keys, I was a n00b back when I made this fella.
8) No password in this. The games to short by my standards.
9) To try and weed out anymore peeps from leaving stupid reviews. Take my advice, if you don't leave honest/clean/complete criticism then I'm going to make fun of you. This includes telling me things that I've already told you or are common sense (One shmuck told me I used a song from Kingdom Hearts, it's like DUH! and another says my games not totally 8bit sprites, another DUH!) Also don't use to much internet slang/abbreviations because I won't know what the hell you're talking about and may make fun of you for it. Don't leave incomplete statements either! I'll make fun of you for being stupid since I won't call a psychic hotline to figure out what the hell you were saying.


Wade / Maelstormm


Nice attempt, but seriously flawed...

Maelstormm, I think you're cool. You make a conserving effort to finish this game, and to please the fans, and you have succeeded at both. But there are just WAY too many problems with Megaman Next.

1. The enemies always have a cheap advantage. IE: They're always faster than you, and sometimes stronger than you. I'm not talking about the bosses either. I'm talking about those annoying normal enemies which constantly use cheap tactics to defeat you. They are almost always out of reach of your blaster and at the begining of each stage they're RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, so you lose 1/4th of your health off the bat. Plus they are too fast. If they were even slightly slower, you could still have enough challenge to keep the game running smooth, increase framerate, AND make the game less frustrating.

2. The levels have too many cheap deaths. You need to design better levels, because there are too many blind jumps, boxy, closed in walls and ceilings, and too many cramped spaces which give the enemies the advantage.

3. The bosses attacks home in on you.

4. Megaman can only jump over enemy attacks half the time.

5. The bosses seem to know where you are going BEFORE you do it.

6. Obviously the controls are a little messed, but it never bothered me too much.

So I hope you take these things into consideration, because otherwise, you could end up ruining what could be a great game.


maelstormm responds:

??? Faster than you ???
The little flying balls all you gotta do is stop jumping and let them come down. Then hop up and shoot'm when the lids open. If you keep jumping then they'll keep going up to avoid being shot. The game is meant to be more of a reactive game than your usual Megaman, meaning things are going to happen fast and when you're not prepared you get f***ed up. Besides they are always in the same spots, lets say you do get killed the first time, at least the second time you should be prepared. None of the enemies start off in a position that creates an instant hit (The 1 part of Punchman's stage is probably the closest to being ambushed). You just gotta be ready once the stage starts, hell you gotta be ready constantly. Most of the bosses have nice AI and will attack the area your in. Why would they want to shoot in a spot if you weren't there? There are very few blind jumps in the game. There are always clues letting you know where to go even if they are subtle (look at the clouds in Jetman's stage or arrows in Punchman's). I probably could've opened up more areas, but at the time it seemed decent. The controls are not to my liking to much either, but until Flash supports controllers there's no easy way to make it. Thanks for feedback

You have brought back memories

This is amazing!I dont know how you did it!You placed everything right no mess up's at all!You could work at Capcom or something with this!

Bug:Think I found it in ArsenalMans stage where those little ladder like things at the start you cant get on them.Is that a bug or is that how its supposed to work?

Good Game!

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maelstormm responds:

The little chains things are NOT ground. I probably should make them less confusing. I couldn't begin to describe how I made this :( ... so... much... code...

So you finally finished it ehh?

I was wondering how long you would take to finish this game. I can definetly see the hardwork and effort you put into this. The bosses run smoother since last i played the demo of this game. I think knunchuk man (however you spell it) got harder to beat. The bosses are much more fun to dodge for some odd reason. I hope you make a sequel that is even better than this. too bad the debug thing doesnt work anymore. i kinda wanted to mess with it and try to manipulate the game to my own will. I also wish i knew how to do that ^__^'. keep up the good work. This will be the best game on newgrounds for a long time. I can assure you.

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maelstormm responds:

Nunchakuman reaims when he starts his ultimate, it makes him alot meaner. There probably won't be a sequal since after the game my comic picks up. There will probably be other games though. In the comic there will be parts that are going to be playable, but I haven't made any yet. Hope it was worth the wait.


wow, that was very good, but i stink at it. good job and clearly you'll be in the top 5

maelstormm responds:

Check back for the strategy guide and give it another shot then.

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dude that kicked ass fuck man we need more megaman fans like you hahaha i sucked at the game but wooooowwww congratulations

maelstormm responds:

I'm making the strategy guide to help everyone out.

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May 18, 2003
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