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Macomber Punishment #3

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3rd in the series of movies I made about my band teacher. I don't like him that much and I thought this was the best in the series.(I made 4 of them) Hope you laugh.



Definately one of your weaker submissions, despite it's filesize as thick as a hair, this remains very... not good... heh...
It was lacking of a background, and... well.... that just wasnt too good.
I dont know where Im going with this, it needs work that's for sure :O


Nothing new or funny. The lack of a background made it look like you hadnt spent any time thinking about it, keep it up though


who was that music by?

TeknoGames responds:

I think it was made by "Nirvana"

Not a whole lot going on in this

but i liked the animation style even though they're just sticks with heads on 'em. i liked how you animated the headless stick crawling on the ground.

if you add onto this, i personally would vote higher and i think others would too.

what the freak?

that was funny as hell and I hated it. Oh well, guess I had to vote high.

Oh, and I feel your pain. My band teacher used to throw stuff at me.

TeknoGames responds:

What kind of stuff did he throw at you?
Paper balls? Pebbles? Pencils? Instruments? Drum sticks? Rocks?
Cinder blocks? Concrete pillars?

Just kidding... :)

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Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

May 17, 2003
8:46 PM EDT
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