Superheroes 2

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this installment of SUPERHEROES took us twice as much time to make, no make that three times as much time. time = time, yet if time = time, then girls = hot.

okay, now on to the proliferent issue:

SUPERHEROES is the best time ever. anyone who tells you different must go to PLANET HOLLYWOOD to eat, then go see SUPERHEROES anyway, so we make lots and lots of money!

this movie is NOT a waste of your time! buuuuuuut you will never get this minute and a half of your life back. be forwarned.

-from ryan a graeme

p.s. this movie has mucho redeeming value. MUCHO.

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Not Bad

But Idea Is Not Best. I Doesn't Like It. But Flash Have Work.


nice second episode of 'Superheroes'..... i still like the characters in this one... once again especially Big Shoe, but i like The Hand, Cap'n Dank and Tito Pointe too.


very funny this is just one of the many examples that you dont need good graphics to get some thing funny, i was just wondering were you on pot or something when you made this?

((( HA )))

Ha as in silly, that was a very random and silly flash it did make me laugh abit, to improve i would like to see more animation, while it was funny it could be better with more animation, nice idea though...


Just when I thought...

It couldn't get any funnier, it did. I love these movies.

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3.39 / 5.00

May 16, 2003
11:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original