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Ghost Monster Psycho

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This is the movie psycho done by the ghost monsters from Pac-man. Look for me as the guy in the fro.

watch ghost monster B movie if you like this.



Hahahaha that was really good I love the way you use parodys and music. Make more of these!!!

Fantastic Idea

It ran like a well oiled machine, you picked a sweet idea. All the sounds and voiceovers were brillantly put to use.


A good idea, well carried out. I have only one minor question/critique: did you normalize the voice audio? When the waveform spikes beyond 0 db, you start to get the kind of cracking, popping sound distortion I heard in some of the voices. If you're using a good audio editing program (like Soundforge), there should be a function under "Amplitude" in the Effects menu called "Normalize." Normalize brings the peaks up or down to the specified point, evening out uneven audio and eliminating the distortions caused by redlining your audio. My personal recommendation is to normalize to -3 db, and simply redo any sections where normalizing it gives you a "mesa" (place where the audio spiked for several tenths of a second or longer, where the top of the spike exceeded the hardware's ability to record and normalizing it down makes it look like the top was cut off flat). If you aren't using an audio editing program that lets you modify the waveform, then I'd suggest getting Soundforge for its very intuitive controls.


When you're good...

You have alot of talent. Your stuff always has a STORY which is what other people lack. A note: there is alot of distortion in your dialogue. I'm guessing you need to bring the levels down a little in your final mix.


I laughed my ass off! You still need some improvement on the graphics, but, damn, keep up the good work!

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3.44 / 5.00

May 16, 2003
7:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody