Dodge 2.0

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This game is playable on exfuga.com and if you play it there you'll be able to use the high score table and get your name on the site instantly but if you don't really care about high scores just check it out here, this is my first game that I made from 100% scratch so it aint that amazing but please be nice.

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The game is not bad. It's fun and a little addicting for some time. It needs some sound and a higher level of dificulty when your high score goes up. I do like the different speeds some of the balls go.


This piece was amusing.
And Timmy… just because someone does not put Flash on NG, does not mean they are not entitled to their opinion of your work. Do you talk to your friends about movies that you like or bands you hate? Can you do what they do (i.e. the actors or the musicians)? That doesn’t mean you can’t think Lord of the Rings rules or Blink 182 sucks. I guarantee you that you can’t do the kind of work I do but if you thought I sucked at it, I would smile and accept it. That’s life. Plus, I like what I do and could give two fucks who loves or hates it. When you put something up for review by the general public, you have to expect the good and the bad. Take it like a man or stop submitting if you can’t handle criticism. Just think about it…

fun for a while

it's amazing how something simple and crap can actualy amuze you. it's not the best game ever though it's not the worst. 5/10.

very fun!

you made a game, which has the potential of crap, but its fun! i would have gave it a sucky score, but its fun!

((( COOL )))

Cool game nice play, it gets abit fast and then game over heh notbad, good game play, maybe some music selection would be cool...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Fun fast game...


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2.53 / 5.00

May 16, 2003
12:56 AM EDT
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