Breakout Saga

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Hi, this is my fourth or fifth flash game but it's the first one thats worthy of submission.
I know it's a big file size, but trust me, give it a shot.
There's a vast amount of video game music in here, but it's all recorded from midis from VGMusic.com


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Great Job

It's realy hard to do a simple game and have a sucess. But you've done it! The interface may be a little simple, however, the musics and the story are awsome. Keep doing a good work!

Not a horrible little game

I dig the introduction of a story mode into a BREAKOUT game, the game play physics need a little tweaking, and maybe fix the font on the dialogue, as it was slightly blurred, but still you've done a decent job, and Im sure your skill will only improve in the future.

Its ok.... Backgrounds are best part.. heh

I guess ive just played to many games almost exactly like this... This game is the easiest of them all with all the extra balls popin out for no reason... Only prob i see is the Ghost Ballz left over after the stage is complete. So for you first entry id say not bad..


An interesting take on a n RPG combined with Breakout. This is the only breakout game I have ever been good at, and it is actually quite well done.

Perhaps you could increase the RPG elements, and correct the anoying problem of ghost balls being left after the stage is over. Other than that I hope you make a sequal that is bigger, badder, and more challenging.


I really loved how you started with a traditional rpg story and changed it to totally different style and genre when the fight sequence came along. The music was really cool, i am sure i have heard some of it before - what did you use?
The only thing that annoyed me was that in the jungle stage and another one(can't remember which one) had a white sky and you couldn't see the ball as it is camoflaged. Was this purposefully done to make it harder or just a mistake because it is really annoying.
Also there should be a harder stage because i completed the game with only losing 1 life. You should be able to select whether it is a easy, normal or difficult game. In hard you only have one platform instead of 2 and the speed goes faster or something because having 2 platforms made it really easy to catch the ball.
Other than that it was really cool. Maybe make a sequel - Keep Up The Good Work!

PlasticSamurai responds:

you are the first one who has caught the white ball thing.
at first it was accidental, i resolved to make the amazon level a night background, but then after a second look i realized it added a hint of difficulty to an otherwise simple level. it's kinda like youre near a jungle waterfall and there is mist in the sky and stuff. and the same thing goes for the skull ninja level. he was cool looking but way to easy so i made it as if he were attacking through the mist (maybe he even threw a smoke bomb).
I did little things to every level to make them progressively harder. the last two for instance i made the bottom of the bat really solid and low close to the paddle. in the final battle his claws extend down past your paddle so you have to risk losing a ball to hit them.
in response to the music the tracks come from;
LV 1 - Chrono Trigger - the Millenial Fair
LV 2 - Megaman X2 - Bubble Crab stage
LV 3 - Donkey Kong Country - Lost Temple
LV 4 - Tekken TAG - Ogre's stage
LV 5 - Megaman X2 - X Hunter Battle
LV 6 - Wild Arms - Opening theme
LV 7 - SF2 - Sagat's stage
LV 8 - Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge GB) - Crystal Castle
LV 9 - Chrono Trigger - Lavos' final form
Main Menu - Megaman 8 - intro level
Story - Chrono Cross - opening theme
Stage Select - SF2 - Char. Select
Erza first meeting - Chrono Trigger - Magus battle

As for things others have said. the paddle used to be controlled by mouse and keyboard, but right at the last minute i had a problem with my action script that i couldnt resolve and had to throw out mouse control. the ball sticking around after each level is just beyond me, i have no idea why it happens. if some of the music stops looping forgive me, i thought i had each one set to loop 100 times (is there some way to set it for infinite loop?). anything else i will fix when i make a new version of the game, but for now i want to move on and make something new.
as far as a sequel is concerned.
yeah i'll make a sequel but when i do i will have learned a lot more in flash and you will scarcely recognize it. (knock on wood).
btw whenever i make a new game it will be under PlasticSamurai. i put my actual name by accident.
thank you all for the kind reviews.

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2.96 / 5.00

May 15, 2003
12:13 AM EDT
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