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Gadgets - Dress Up

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May 13, 2003 | 2:13 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Check out my other UPDATED Tainted love game I made, its basically this game but updated and alot better!!
OH my GOD!!!
I decided to take suggestions from the comments and make it better!!!!
Version 2.0 includes:
-ALL new audio and music!
-15 new items of clothes and accesories
-2 new tattoos
-3 new interactions
-1 new secret (its not half bad this time)
-new credits...
-and errr, a sense of good... wellness stuff.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best i've seen

personally i'm tired of all these dress ups that are for pre-pubesant boys who have nothing better to jack off to cause their parents have blocked porn. This is a cool dress up that shows exactly how good a genre it is. Well done Ted B i salute you.
Ps i want one of those little satan dolls, it is really cute!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

i loved it !!

Th e music was awsome and so were the cloths, and also it was entertaining. I thought the whole satan thing was a little steriotypical though. ONe word to outher reviews who say they dont like it be called "goth". I dont like lables as much as the next person but ....what are u soposed to call it to give it some kind of cluse as to what its about ??


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good job

Most dress-up games suck ass, but yours was great. Oh and I have something to say to a reviewer.

Reviewed by: dimmu_borgir326746

Overall Score: 0
i like her shirt but why do you have to call it goth? gothic is a dsamn label and dressing that way was suposwe to be about being your fucking self and noit calling yourself anything, and your supose to have some coulor in their, and for you that say gothic is a religion....go waste your time worsphing something else besides satan becaseu satan isnt real nor is god, and also i bet it is just an insecuirtity. please dont even botehr me about me being wrong or what ever becsaeu i honsetly dont give a fuckk about what you have to say about it. bye bye poeple.
You call it goth because it IS a sterotype just like prep, it's a way to name people who dress a certain way. I myself am a goth and anyone can see you are wrong. I would go through and correct your stupid spelling mistakes but it would take ages. Anywho, there is a satan and god, and not ALL goths worship satan, get that through your fucking think head you ignorant bastard. It's not about "insecurity" it's about wanting to be someone else, and blending in with people who feel the same. Obviously you don't "give a fuckk"(as you put it) about much so why don't you go shoot yourself in the head and do us all a favor. Please do not speak about being a goth unless you know what you're talking about.

But Ted B, nice game.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

Sexy, outstanding, 2 thumbs up type-of-a-thing.. u have outdone urself, and i love playing this!!! ;) well i'm a big fan of Children of Bodom.. Cradle of Filth and all the metalic bands and black music.. it's awesome.. Praesidium, i should bite u, lol.. goths were that, BUT it's now a style falling into religious categories now..*jk about the bite, blech* ^_~, o well, oustanding Ted B


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed it

It was a good game. I hate the music however, (I am more of a classical music and opera person) but it was an enjoyable game. I have one question though: Why do they call themselves "Goths". I though Goths were a germanic tribe from the Baltic Sea who sacked Rome in the 5th century. Well anyways, good game.