kill sesame oscar

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do you hate elmo or oscar from sesame street? well get rid off them !!!



you cant even kill em! in fact, theyre bodies are "magically" healed if u shoot them

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"Not good"

But work on it and it could be fun.

work on it a bit, and it could be great!!!

I seriously hope you work on this some more, because it has some great potential. Yes i hate elmo and oscar! OF COURSE i want to get rid of them! however, the way executed has felt me wanting more (and i assume others want more too). perhaps next time, have:
A) More targets (big bird or ernie for example)
B) More places to shoot. (perhaps have a shot for each limb- too complicated for you? then perhaps just a few more places, like eyes, arm, and torso)
C) Have them fall down when you kill them. (they wouldn't stay standing if they got shot!)
So, it could be great, but it's not.

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worst game ever

Dude, first off if you want to have a good assasination game, you should have more targets, and should be able to shoot anywhere on the character. the graphic weren't great, and the violence was more for like 3 year olds.

That was sad

I am sorry, but that was one of the worst games I have ever played. First off, the graphics were poor. Second, I only got to shoot each character once (it would have been at least a bit better if I could have filled oscar with more holes than swiss cheese). Third, they were still standing after I shot them, as if nothing had happened. Needs a lot of work.

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1.68 / 5.00

May 12, 2003
5:21 PM EDT
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