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What really happens to your e-mail once you send it?

is it stolen if it's used to promote?


Gory if anything

That's also a way of viewing things, sorta like Tales from the Crypt a la Internet


HMMM!!! Ive' always wondered what happened when i clicked email or whatever. Anyways the graphics were sweet and the sound too. But i am concered about hearing that this is stolen.

that was great for sure.

i loved it.what was that music near the end too that was awsome.i hope you continue to make more flashes like this.coz this was great your a genious.

like WOAH!!!!

That shit was awesome. Seriously, before people try to blam you and shit, and even give an example of where you 'stole' it from, they need to look at the credits and stuff. I mean no offense or anything but it does say Deivert did the voices, granted, you submitted it, and we have no proof it is you, but um, gee, I dont know, ANYONE CAN DO THAT, BUT YOU DID!!!! YAYA WOAH!!!!

Well, Well, Well

I guess if your going to steal a movie, you my as well steal one of the best. If this were my movie I come find you and strangle your thieving ass, but it's not so good job. Great Movie! And at the very least, thanks for bringing such a good movie to my attention.

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Zadock responds:

for anyone else that would like to call this stolen, tell me what is the correct way on NG to identify this isn't your own work, you are submitting it with permission from the site you found it on and do it in a way that doesn't violate the NG policy of "If you promote an off NG site your account will be deleted"

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May 12, 2003
2:52 PM EDT
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