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WARNING-LOAD UP screen does not work as well as I would like there for you will have to wait for it all to load and replay it, sorry....its worth it thou (look hard to see the man cum on a pic of natalie portman)


When does it come out??

This preview for the Graduator looks like a movie I want to see. ... it seems that this is more like how you are in real life.. you love natalie portman( what kinda guy doesnt!! :} ) and you are a fan of Star Wars. And since you made this as you went along. It wasn't pre planned, came from your heart. Great work mate.. Can't wait to see the movie.

darthnebula responds:

IT didnt as much come from my heart as from my........never mind. Thank you very much for your review soem bitch early asked me for my age and Im 17. By the way any one who reads this must go see the film LEON its the best. thank you for your review

This Rocks

Man, I don't what everybody's problem is, this is kickass! Dude, you have a warped mind, not sick warped, but I like the way your thought process works! The end fight scene could have been a little longer, but, the spunk-scene was well worth it! Great idea! I loved Darth Sings even more!

darthnebula responds:

THanks man you Rock Totally, like I said before dont bother reading into this its not a movie its an advert. Thank you for your review
Its the people who write the reviews who are important.......and those who give me 5.....thanks again

not bad...not bad at all

it wasen't that bad like the other guy hade writen.

Very Funny

As a Star Wars junkie I was more than amused by this,and I think the choice of music from the timeless classic of Conan completed your outstanding effort.Thanks for the laugh.

darthnebula responds:

Thank you sir for oyu kind review, I have tried hard to make all my movie funny, for some insane reason this one is my most susccsesfull flash......its a movie I made for no reason, I harldy tired at all, I even made it up as I went along. odd really. THank you again for your review

I don't think I could do that in front of Yoda....

I really enjoyed it, I liked Gladiator, and the Hype around the SW ep. 1-2-3 films needs a little more humor like this, good job on the gladiator audio..it fit...good job

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2.89 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2001
6:08 PM EST
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