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WARNING-LOAD UP screen does not work as well as I would like there for you will have to wait for it all to load and replay it, sorry....its worth it thou (look hard to see the man cum on a pic of natalie portman)


What's the point?

Alright, where's the beef? What is this movie trying to tell me, that there are people who are obsessed with Star Wars and whack off to Star Wars chicks? Dude, of COURSE there are people like, we all met that fucking dork in high school. Man, these fanboys are sick, and you didn't really give them the bashing they deserve. And you ripped the audio. Bad.


i have seen worse work. some of his other flashes are preatty good too

I don't think I could do that in front of Yoda....

I really enjoyed it, I liked Gladiator, and the Hype around the SW ep. 1-2-3 films needs a little more humor like this, good job on the gladiator audio..it fit...good job

Not too bad.

An alright effort. You started very strong, but my main complaint is that your flash weakened near the ending. I appriciated, like others the faux movie preview in the begining of the flash, but you were slowly losing my interest as it proceeded to the Star Wars convention. The animation could use a bit of tweaking, but other than that it was quite humerous, and enjoyable.

darthnebula responds:

THank you for your review, my first feeling is to tell you to go FUCK YOUR SELF...but I understand tha tnot all people wikk like this....I dont... thank you very much for your review

Breath Taking

Nice movie. Your one of the few authors who's taken good use of the animators choice to reply to people who review the movie. I applaud you for this anlong with your movie. I think someone should make "legoator" for all the knee-jerk animators who saw how funny lego movies were and ruined it.

darthnebula responds:

Thank you sir....er.....or miss. I always felt this move was going to do well......and it didnt but that doesnt matter to me cause I get good reviews. THank you verys much for yours

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2.89 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2001
6:08 PM EST
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