Samus and Megaman Part 1

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I started this movie in March and worked on it off and on since then. This movie started out as a battle between Samus and Megaman, but later turned into them teaming up and fighting Dr. Wily's robots. I don't know when Part 2 will be ready, but hopefully soon. Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Part 2 is out now

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This is good. But there's one thing I can't understand... any good Megaman fan knows the difference between Megaman and Megaman X. The power. Then how come everybody uses Megaman and not Megaman X? I mean, X can charge his buster, he can fly for a short time, he can dash, he's stronger, he can crouch and lots more things... then why does everybody uses Megaman instead of Megaman X? X's design is even cooler than the original Megaman! then WHY?! Well anyway, this cartoon kix. I look forward for episode 2.. keep this up!

Excellent start

Well, everything was beautiful about this little Flash cartoon. First critique, however: some of the scenes dragged on for quite a while. The fact that the music and/or sound effects weren't always synchronized with the action made the scenes seem even longer (i.e. the music/sound effects would play at a consistent rate, but the actual scene would lag, making the sound clips end sooner than the visuals).

There should have also been some buttons to move the viewer forward in the Megaman briefing, just as there had been for Samus'. Instead, the text screens were just timed, and, I understand you were trying to keep it on there for quite some time in case some of your audience members may have been slow readers, but without the option to move to the next scene manually, it went right back to that "the scene drags on for too long" problem. Maybe you could go back into it and insert some buttons.

With those minor criticisms out of the way, however, I really, really wish more people at Newgrounds would make this sort of thing. A lot of movies are bottomless, worthless shots at humor or action, and they're also short to boot. They're not fully satisfying. But this movie was a good length, and the plot involving the two popular video game characters seems as if its going to blend into itself beautifully. It's tough to pull off a good crossover; but I am really looking forward to seeing where this is headed.

Great music choices, and great artwork as well. I can tell you worked very hard on this.

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D responds:

thank you for the review. I know that some scenes do drag on a bit, I'll add some buttons for the megaman part. I guess I didn't notice that it went so slow on that particular part. I know its going to take alot of work to animate Samus in the fight scenes in the next movie, because of all the detail on her suit. Well, looks like I have more hard work ahead!

really good

samus looked great i must say... the graphics and story atually made sense in fact the only suggestion i have is make Mega man look cooler, he looks kinda like a fag, try making him more "X" style

D responds:

I wanted to use the original megaman from the NES, so thats why he is drawn that way.

Good but megaman looked like a fag (as usual)

the animation for the most part was really good, the only thing i can complain about is how gay megaman looks and his fag dog!

I look forward to the second installment.

This was very ver nice. The visuals ran perfectly and there was a nice variation in sound - ear candy. There are so many flash cartoons on Newgrounds and yours is one of the few well animated ones which does not make use of sprites from the games. Seriously this was very cool and a pleasure to watch - next one will hopefully be even better.

D responds:

Thanks for the kind words. I always want to use my own art, it takes longer but I think it is better that way.

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May 10, 2003
8:07 PM EDT
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