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This is my first game for NG. its short and simple, but I enjoyed making it and taught me some stuff about flash. I know you can't sometimes see the man very well, but I'll sort that out.

I forgot to add earlier, my best score (the TOTAL score) is 100, see if you can beat it!

UPDATE: I've updated this game loads, the guys now shoot back at you (meaning even if you can't see the guy, you'll see his gun!) and a health bar has been added.

UPDATE: After many reviews about the lagging of the gun, I've added an option to turn it off and ajust the quality.


Meh...not to shabby

Nothing to great or anything however you did a good job if this is your real work


You can't fool me that is a traced bitmap. Which means you put no effort into the graphics. The targets are small and you can't tell if you hit them because they just disappear. The heartbeat was good I liked that and the overall sound was great but the shooting was too choppy. I don't know if you programed it like that to make it more realistic or if the game just sucked but if you did program it it was a good idea but it needs to be a little more smooth. Add a little blood too. It always is better when you can see you targets bleed.

this sucked

the movement was slow and the reaction time was slow, plus there wasn't anything to shoot,

"What a great game!"

...is something I wouldn't say about this game. It's reminiscent of Scope Assault (here on NG) and that's not a good thing.

At least you've coded a solid little engine. Now you can continue by adding all the bells and whistles. Animation, more sound, speeding up the movement of the crosshair, etc. I'd recommend leaving the gun either at the bottom of the screen (moving a roudn only a little) or totally offscreen, because it's slow even on my super computer.

Contrary to what others might say, you need to add a LOT more to this for it to be awesome. It's a good start though.

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Cool little game

but my computer dragged on it too, and I've played much better games without any problems. If the action was a hair smoother, this would be Awesome.

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2.66 / 5.00

May 10, 2003
4:35 PM EDT
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