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This doesn't have any sound, cuz when I made it I didn't know how to make sound. I'm just wondering wut everybody thinks of this toon. I'm just submitting some more of my toonz to see wut there score is. This is a pretty long toon, and the blood at first ain't good, and then it gets better after I figure out how to make blood.

(the message at the end was intended for viewers at my website to see...im just too lazy to fix)

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That was terrible. There is no sound, you used horribly-drawn stickmen without any moving parts and what the hell was the frame rate? The "Stickmen killing each other" theme got old years ago.

OH GOD...so much lost time.

PLEASE...don't continue that unless you improve everything. The lack of sound effects really made that movie unbearable. I want the time i wasted watching that back. Sorry...My evil side was speaking. But seriously, work on the graphics A LOT and get some sound effects...i recommend www.flashkit.com (they have a lot of free SFX AND tips and tricks for working in flash.) Good luck in the future! Work on the graphics and sound, and you should be making good flash movies in no time.

Evil-Injuries responds:

uhhh i got sound on my other movies and if u took time to read anything i wrote you'd know that i know this is a bad cartoon. u want ure time back? no...cuz u'd just waste more of it sitting around rotting with no life. that was my evil side speaking. on second thought...you suck and goodbye.


Gj pretty funny leach moquito bug thing was a good idea ur right about the the sound would of been to laggy if it had sound but if you make a sequel give it some background music otherwise Gj... no offense but I liked your other movies better.

Keep up ur flash work man looking forward to ur next movie.

Evil-Injuries responds:

yeah i kno my others are better, and no offense taken. this movie wasnt my best, but keep in mind its the 3rd flash i ever made. after i made this flash i realized there body should be wider than a lazer. i havent been workin on flashes for a while, but im definatly gonna keep makin ministix, or at least one more cuz them flashes are easy
thx for review, late

K bitch, this BLEW ass

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! i feel like that bad guy from American IDOL critizizing ever1 but it TRUE tht was the worst this i have ever seen. Bad plot (bad guy good guy shit?) no sound, no interactivity, NOT FUNNY and simply sucked your balls if u have any.

Evil-Injuries responds:

allright i dont really know where to start here. if u read my comments on this cartoon you'd get y it sucks. its a movie so duh no interactivity ya fuckin cock donkey. i admit this flash sucks, im surprised it didnt get blammed. watch my other 2 cartoons, theyre actually good. besides wtf would u know? u havent made any cartoons, u no talent cum guzzling asshole. and wuts w/ u saying i sucked my ballz? u gotta pretty gay mind if ure imagining guys sucking there ballz. and u said " sucked your balls, if u have any." is it possible to suck your own ballz if u dont have any. your a true idiot, and yes i am a male, which means i have testicles.


u actually really want 2 know ur mark on this? lmfao

Evil-Injuries responds:

yes i did. this was my 4th toon, and i wanted to see if it gets blammed. obviously it didnt, so lick my creamy asshole cinderella.