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A "Ball" Movie

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Author Comments

This short cartoon answers a question many have asked for a long time now: what happens when some random kid throws a ball too hard, and it falls into one of those speed rings that you find in racing games and Sonic Spinball, and it travels all the way around the planet?

Includes more references to tv and radio.

RESPONSE TO REVIEWS: Wow. I anticipated some high votes, but not this high! It rocks to be me!! Thanks for all the feedback. For those confused about the end, sorry I didn't make that clearer. What happens is she got hit by a red ball which was thrown by those 2 guys. In the following scene you see the red ball bounce offscreen. And for anyone who didn't like her design, well, that's how I draw :). And you won't see any anime/manga style knockoff shit from me.

Also, since I got this twice, the pyramid in New Mexico is based off a real life souvenir shop off the interstate shaped like a pyramid.

No comments on my mock-20th Century FOX logo though?

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Her feet are bigger than my self-esteem.

She kinda looks like a kind character. Cool.x3

giant shoes omg

This was hilarious! I really had no idea what would happen next! It was strange how this isn't in any collection. Then again, I can't really think of what collection it would be in. Isn't there a "Funny Cartoons" thing here? The animation was great.

It was great how unexpected the injuries were. You didn't know who'd get hurt. The thing at the end was pretty funny too. I like how you randomly threw in genital stuff at the end. It always works.

"Good thing I got out of the way..."

I have been searching for the sound effect when she first sees the yellow ball FOREVER. Where did you find it and what the heck do you even call that sound?