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I know its a pretty big file, but meh...its worth ure time. Please review.

The second MiniStix is coming soon, today or tomarrow it will be done, not like anybody cares. Damn panda screwers.

Feel free to visit my website, its got all my cartoons on it. http://www.geocities.com/evil_injuries

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well this was shitty

cmon man, your on to something but if your making such an uncomplicated flash then you could consentrate on making it better a better version cuz this wasnt very good at all. peace out

not very good

wot the hell were they tryin 2 acheive. also, wer did they get those sticks, and why didnt those 3 guys just jump over since they can jump very far anyway. u get a 1

Evil-Injuries responds:

why didnt those 3 guys jump over?
the answer to this pointless question:
BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO MAKE A MOVIE OF 3 STICK FIGURES JUMPING OVER A POLE. jesus christ there was no point for this movie its just lil stick figures dying who cares god damn.

Gj Man 4/5

Great couple of bad things though the blood effects are a little fake looking and when the fighting poles appered out of nowhere it looked like it came out of one guys d**k otherwise It was VERY funny got a smile outta me watch 2nd one people that are reading this review a tad better

Evil-Injuries responds:

lmao, thx dude...i havent been on newgrounds for a crapload. nobody ever said nothin about the "spawning stick outta the crotch" before. i havent made a flash for a while either, i like makin stick ones cuz they allways will have the best body movements, neways, thx for the review

That ruled



All i have to say is *LOL* funny movie! :)