Tour Of My Head

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I origonally made this as an intro for a website i was gonna make, but then didnt bother. So i decided not to let it go to waste and put it here, and changed the link at the end to HAPPY PICTURES. Has nothing to do with HP, though.



well it has "decent animation" - but make it like more interesting and kinda more paced!

This is what we call a bad acid trip boys and girl

Way to long, it would have been better if you had added yelow and neon green to the background, possiby a giant singing mouth.

random.... seriously... random

2 words.... Fucking WASTED!!
The Good:
The only good thing? If I become a D.A.R.E. officer or someting i can show this video and say: "This is all a super minded genius could think of for a movie... after taking Marajuana,cokain, and heroin every 10 minutes

The Bad:
What in the hell do you think?

The Down-Right Ugly:
You seriously are wasted!! Who'd put this up for an intro! More Repelling than attracting!!


okay but a bit weird... what is with the legs and the piano with a toungue. music is cool.

well that was some freaky shit

I liked it....sorta... but yeah, it was just plain wierd, uhm the song was wierd, it fit though, I don't know.. it's deep though, good song actually, the leg thing!? what haha

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2.77 / 5.00

May 4, 2003
4:09 PM EDT
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