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TK- "Strike Anywhere"

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May 4, 2003 | 11:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This episode of Tony Kaufman is about "Fear As a Means of Control"

this is only the first segment, the audio quality had to be turned waaaaay down to fit 5 megs

It comments about world politics and the school system's reaction "safety issues." It speaks against absurd beauracracy.

it was written before the president decided to bomb iraq.

please actually view this before voting on it... (i spent a long time on this a feel that the message is important)



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Ugh, geez i couldn't even finish watching that. No offense dude, but if you want to rant about politics, go to a message board or something on a political website. Not here. If your gonna do a political cartoon, it will have to have stuff like death, talking animals, guns, ect. Thats the only way to make it on NG nowadays. There were basically no graphics cuz it was the samething over again. And your voice just gets annoying when you talk too much.


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Hey ..

I'm a little slow regarding politics, but is what you are saying in here is that we are "hating" Iraq and Iran for very much the same reason that Hitler had people hating the Jews and that in fact there is no terrorism or very little to speak of and it is only propogated by expansioned propoganda ?



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Well this flash was pretty cool. Frist off the voice acting was well done and went along with all chracters well. The storyline was also solid and flowed well. This flash was so true. Nice work and way to send out a such true message.



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This,unfortunately, is all too true:)

The government needs to fess up to us and tell us what it's really doin, like our 4fathers did:)

The so called homeland security act makes the people of our country so paranoid stricken and
pissed off that it should be called the "Homeland Insecurity Act" Heh:).

Also the Patriot Act is full of alot of things and acts that our ancestors would most likely consider VERY Non-Patriotic to the point of probably locking up in stocks anyone who tried to do them.....or worse.

If our 4 fathers could be here now, they'd either be shocked to perfect silence, crying, laughing at how tight arsed we've become, slapping us silly,or a bunch of otherthings I can't think of right now. I have an idea, let's do what our people did to witches like Bush in the past.....Hang Em':-). We could even doit in Texas to makea lesson of him to all his hick big shot relatives down there;-}.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Defender of the American Way.....Free Booze, Babes/Men, and money for everybody:)


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You know...

I can't load this movie because my server has problems. For all I know, it could be an MS paint poop yelling "BUSH SUCKS!" over and over for 30 minutes. But I still find the previous review disrespectful and offensive. I like to think the community of Newgrounds has enough sense not to judge on political views alone. And if you don't, well there's no need to post a hateful review encouraging others not to view the movie. I mean, some people might agree with the opinions stated in this piece. Yelling that the movie is a waste of time is just a sad attempt at covering up whatever the content is because you fear that (oh no!) someone might agree with this! This might actually be true and you'd be in the wrong! Or, more likely, your daddy would be in the wrong. You are a sad man, Forfe1t, and I barely have the empathy to pity you.