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leigh mcgrath is a no good bum

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This actually sincerely impressed me. It's mostly because it had stuff going on. How was this adult? There weren't any private parts shown. I still loved seeing Pube Muppet. A pity DrunkMagiKoopa hates him.

There was action! It wasn't just cheesy drawings. I can see why this is so popular. It's probably his most popular submission. Dang, stop it with the porn around the sides.

its a truly hillarious and random ''agnry faic'' movie, and perhaps the start of the general ''angry face'' epoch on NG.
drunkmagikoopa was a genius in creating epic craziness, and he nailed it in this classic cartoon.
when i first watched this movie, it was on 2004-2006, and i loved how crazy and wild it was.
i mean, angry face's epic rage VS the shop-manager, the epic duel, the ''hitting you with mai raik!'' part, the epic chase, and the pubemuppet discussion...
everything was awesome and hillarious in this movie!
i also liked how the shop-manager smashed the cash register, and said ''this is worth 40 millionz dollers!11''. it was a beautiful, and magnificent moment.

also, the ending of this film was epic, when angry face won the absolute battle.

good movie, and i really miss drunkmagikoopa and his movies.
he did EPIC stuff!

One of my All time favorite Newgrounds Classics.

Oh my god I tell ya EVERYTIME I watch this movie I feel like I'm 11 years old again and just so filled with joy. Oh yes those were the glory days on this site. What's funny is that this movie was passed off as crap by the "critcs" but did you give a shit? NO you did not. Actually let me tell you something Mr.Magikoopa AKA TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEH you pretty much inspired me to make the Dot of Excellence movies AND the Poopy Series and taught me not to give a fuck about criticism.

Mr.Koopa I beg of you to come back and start makiing flash agains words can't describe how much we miss you!

angryfaic <not angryman>

Life will never be the same

stay classy

true classic, gotta love it.


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4.05 / 5.00

May 3, 2003
3:55 PM EDT