The Mole

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I was making fun of my friend, but its no excuse for this movie being gay.

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i thought this about moles

wtf was that all about i did not understand it was it a parody or something i gave it a low score because it was so bad pointeless




If you don't have an excuse, then don't post it, because, it sucks a lot, and why does it suck... no reason.

I realize u were making fun of a freind...

...but y did u have to put it on NG? I'm sure if I knew your friend, it would have been funny. But since I don't, I'm gonna have to give this a bad score because the quality is god-awful... I'm gonna watch that Eminem thing the last guy wrote about...but if that aint good, I will never watch your shit again! Later!

The-Mercenary responds:

You already seen M&M, and I realiZe that you check out a piece of shit! Just read my response to M&M thing. And doent get pissed, you got what was comming to ya!

this is worst of all your movies

Very sad preformance. It sucked. And you told Tirant_Stinger that all your movies arent that bad, besides the eminem one your movies are all pieces of shit, take a little time, put a little effort. Because your movies sucked, and don't understand why you get mad if you dont put any effort into them when someone critisizes them, of course they're gonna critisize them, they're horrible.

The-Mercenary responds:

Maybe your right, I barley put any effort into my flashes(I put some in ultimate skater 2). I'm telling you this is my worst movie, as you know. it took me like, what 10 minuts to make it. But believe me If I really wanted to make front page, I would. And I will after I get done with the game, I'm puting Alot of effort into. and its no just a game tho, its also a fucking movie(I would go into detail, but it gonna take to long to type it). Even tho........ uh crap! this isa long as response. just go to my site to see a screen shot of the game, in the games section.

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

May 3, 2003
2:38 PM EDT
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