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Alright, I haven't made it clear yet. This is simply a few panels from the actual manga itself. Although some what slightly jumbled...er...OK, so it makes no sense, but wait for Issue 1.

Now, about this "movie". This preview you are about to see is just a simple collection of panels from my Flash MANGA. MAAAAAANGA!!! Not MOOOOVIE! Do NOT rate this based on the quality of the motion pics, but grade based solely on the graphics and design of the manga itself, for that is how this series will be. No voices, no gigantic loading times, just good quality internet manga. If the screenshots confuse you, this may be due to the fact that some of the shots are from different sagas of the manga. More will be explained as the manga "publishes" onto Newgrounds. Enjoy this MANGA preview, not MOVIE preview.

Also, none of my other manga will be this confusing. They also won't feature "strange" music. The actual issues won't contain sound. They'll be low loading times, but will make sense. BLEEEECH! All you can do is wait really...


Hmm, not bad...

It does have some improvements to be done, the intro's were a bit long... too long; but you're idea is cool and I think something really good could come out of this

Surfer-Clock responds:

Yeah, I know, I've heard countless complaints about the intros. While it started out as a great project in my mind, it floundered due to a lack of dedication. Thus, this Flash manga may never come to be...in any case, I thank you for your review.

Zoning out

Wow, I made 8 baseball sized spitbubbles during that intro.

Surfer-Clock responds:

I can see you've got some unusual talents there. You should get into Flash and make that a movie. Everyone will love it. You'll be king of the Portal. Soon, there'll be a group called "Yanamoto Yellers" with a bunch of guys yelling in place of clocks, and there'll be a Yeller Day on the Portal, the anniversary of the day you wrote this mind-boggling review...or not. I dunno. Thanks for the review, and remember, Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal.

intro's to long

the intro's were longer than the movie, you'd better fix it

Surfer-Clock responds:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to interpret it), I don't currently have any plans to fix this trailer, or to release the actual series to go along with this. Thanks for your review.

kinda cool to watch the beginning

didnt quite get it bet who cares i like your productions so far good work so far

Surfer-Clock responds:

A jumbled and doomed trailer, no less than that...my experiment with manga techniques in Flash proved to be a disappointment. Thank you for your review!

Ok... here I go again:

Let me put this in a constructive way...
I do not look forward to the release of this film. I look forward to your bloody demise on a high accident.
A)You cant draw, so stop trying...
B) manga, anime, all that is gay...
C) No plot, no creative liscense, your a fag...

Peace out, douche! :D

Surfer-Clock responds:

Holy crap! Proper grammar! That's definitly a first from you.

And it's a review that actually constructivly critisizes, another first. We're making a breakthrough here, I know it...but you're still using that bland insult. It's no good anymore, not that it ever was...thanks for voting 5!

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2.69 / 5.00

May 2, 2003
11:33 PM EDT