Villain's story ch 1

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Well i have fixed this up quite a bit from when i first sent it to newgrounds please have fun in this it says demo what i mean by that is interactive chapter 1
there are 5 chapters to the villain's story and then I'll start on the heros story I also just sent in some tutorials if anyone needs help on sounds or collision detection
I am also aware that my characters shape is like sonics also note that i created them in grade 5 and I learned how to draw and got my fastination of animation and video games from sonic comic books and games
(if you don't believe me I have a pile of sonic comics in my bed room)
so thanks because I would have never learned to draw if it wasn't for sonic the hedgehog comics
please let me know
about any bugs so
I can squash em
I hope you all have fun with probely the most retarded characters ever seen
Crow the retarde raven
Snizzi the crazy imp
Vinchi the green thing
halipinua the angry gragon
rex the rapping rapter
multi the wiked beetle
I am also gonna add this is inspired by sonic adventure 2 battle (gamecube)
and if the crow doesn't turn around exit the browser and bring it back up it only does that if the internet or
your computer is being slugish!!!((((^_^))))
(UPDATE)well I just had it spell checked so you can't say i didn't but if you notice a spelling error just don't pay attention to it
also the running animation is still glitchy but im not rebooting th computer 10 times again the fla is huge and is hard to edit with out rebooting the computer
coming soon chapter 2


Good just one thing

When will pt 2 come


its ok didnt mind it i would like it with being able to chose charicter and have wepons but over all pretty good

life is good

very good nice sucky jalapeno voice acting made me die laughing

Again a great game!

I cant wait for chapter 2 if your coming out with it anytime soon.

one good game

i liked this game stick to the element saga ur real good at it and the boss is a little easier than all the enemeis u have to fight to get to him but otherwise keep up the good work whens ch. 2 coming?????

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3.20 / 5.00

May 2, 2003
12:24 PM EDT
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